July 2022 Welcome!!! This is our first newsletter for our homestead. We would love to send it to you monthly, so be sure to sign up! Each month we will share highlights on the homestead, along with a yummy recipe, budgeting, home styling or health tips! We arrived on our homestead in the middle of…

When it’s chilly, it’s time for Chili!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good bowl of chili on a chilly day! This time of year, I start my evening rounds of homestead chores about 4 pm. When the weather is cold, it takes a bit longer. It took me a couple hours the other night and when I got…

Grammie’s No Fail Biscuits

My grammie made the best biscuits. I was excited to learn from my momma how to make them. The best part, my daughter was right there learning from her grammie on how to make them. I hope you enjoy our family biscuit as much as we do! There nothing like a hot biscuit and bowl of grammie’s baked beans. Enjoy!

Thanks for joining us on our adventure!

Several years ago, we decided to make some changes in our life. We wanted to eat regional and local. This journey took us to local farmer markets. Meeting local farmers and buying meat and produce in season. We then started a small garden and started canning foods during season like my mom and dad did….